18 February 2004 ~ 0 Comments

Ramgarhia 0 – Slough 4

Following their draw 2-2 draw against Wokingham from the earlier week, Ramgarhia once again failed to capitalise on the chances created. It was clear again that Ramgarhia lacked a potent confident striker upfront and the makeshift strikers did not take the chances presented to them.
Ramgarhia started well and moved the ball confidently amongst the midfield and forward line. During the early part of the game both teams showed caution and had their fair share of possession and Ramgarhia could have gone a goal up in the first 15 minutes but poor finishing let them down. However, Slough took the lead from a free hit taken outside the circle and their striker deflected the ball past the Ramgarhia goalkeeper through a barrage of Ramgarhia sticks – Ramgarhia defence looked at each other in bewilderment not knowing how the ball got past their sticks!!!

Ramgarhia continued to attack through Parmi linking with centre and right midfield and created some half chances and a number of penalty corners to no avail. At times it appeared that some players did not wish to be counted and continued to rely on Pami to collect the ball, create the attack and expected him to finish. Chances and half chances were created but Ramgarhia forward line failed to capitalise take advantage. Unlike their previous encounter with Slough, Ramgarhia were not outplayed in this match and in fact to some degree dominated the match.

To illustrate their domination, Ramgarhia created 11 penalty corners to Slough’s 5. However, Slough did not sit behind and soak the pressure and created their own attacking opportunities. The second half was end to end stuff as Ramgarhia attacked in search of a goal to no avail and Slough took advantage of this and made some very good counter attack moves which gave them 2 of their goals in the second half.

Both teams attacked and created several chances and the difference was the finishing, Slough scored 4 goals out of around 6 attempts at the Ramgarhia failed miserably in this area of the game. However, on a positive note Ramgarhia should take some confidence from this game and hope for better finishing and luck when they travel to Milton Keynes next week.

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