30 October 2005 ~ 0 Comments

Ramgarhia 2 – Abingdon 1

Ramgarhia were looking forward to playing Abingdon. With two of our most senior members not available, it was time for the young guns to show what they could do.

Ramgarhia dominated the first half of the match with the Ramgarhia wingers were playing well, running into space and causing the Abingdon defence all manner of worries. Ramgarhia created a number of chances in open play but it was a short corner, executed like clockwork, that saw Ramgarhia take the lead, with Bahadar slamming home the ball. The half time talk was taken by Manj and involved a lot less boliyaan than usual, and Ramgarhia entered the second half in a positive frame of mind

While Ramgarhia continued to play well in the second half, Abingdon started to throw more and more men forward and Ramgarhia were in danger of losing their lead. In this situation, Ramgarhia had to choose between tightening their belt or losing their pants. And belts were suitably tightened when Bally intercepted an Abingdon clearance at the 25 yard line, played a bohuth-khoob one-two with Captain Bhangray Da that bisected the Abingdon defence, and lashed the ball home with a Sohail Abbas-esque drag flick for one of the finest goals seen on the Featherstone pitch.

A controversial penalty was awarded to Abingdon in the dying minutes, but Ramgarhia held to secure a well deserved win in trying circumstances, stars of the show being the half line of Jasbir, Manj and Maninder, and the wingers Bally, Raja and Cow. The boys would like to thank Ubhi and family for their support.

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