06 November 2005 ~ 0 Comments

Leighton Buzzard 3 – Ramgarhia 4

Ramgarhia ventured up the M4 to play Leighton Buzzard. Ramgarhia adopted their unfamiliar – but very dashing – red and black strip for this match.
The reason for the change of strip being not that Ramgarhia wished to attract Dhammu back to the club, nor that certain players looked slimmer in red, but that Leighton Buzzard also played in yellow.

After applying all the initial pressure, Ramgarhia fell a goal down after a swift Leyton counter attack. However, while 2005 may be the Chinese Year of the Rooster, today was the Day of the Cow. Jassa picked up the ball at the 25 yard line and a with a brilliant solo effort beat the entire Leighton Buzzard defence and slammed the ball home from the top of the D. Suitably inspired, Ramgarhia once again put the Leyton defence under sustained pressure. Once again, Leyton scored against the run of play, with a well worked short corner. Ramgarhia came back after a Sunny and Gidiyaan-di-Parmi combined well down the right and Parmi slotted the ball in from D top. As the saying goes, “when you are dining with a demon, you have to have a long spoon”, and it was Jassa, with his Paulo Wanchope legs, who scored with another dazzling effort, beating the entire Leyton defence again and lacing the ball into the top corner of the goal.

The second half was a more sedate affair. Ramgarhia applying most of the pressure, and Bahadar but the game beyond doubt with a push that deflected of a Leyton defender’s foot into the goal. However, in the final moments of the game, Captain Bhangray Da and Gajar decided it would be a good time to do their Laurel and Hardy impression. A cross into the D was stopped just in front of the goal line by Captain Bhangray, but ball continued to spin nastily towards the goal where Gajar was practising how to dive when no one has made had shot. An unfortunate way to end the afternoon, but another well deserved victory in a match that was well umpired and played in good spirit by both teams.

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