14 January 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Ramgarhia 7 – OMT 0

After the mid season break, Ramgarhia were looking forward to playing OMT at home.

The match was one of the finest Ramgarhia have played in all season. The forward line of Raja, Bally, Bahader, Nik, Parmi and Cow were expertly rotated by Plaha a.k.a. the Southall Mourinho, and Ramgarhia were irresistable scoring a total of seven goals. The Ramgarhia forward line simply over powered OMT. Raja, Nik and Bahader all made the scoresheet, with Bahader in excellent form scoring five of Ramgarhia’s seven goals.

The boys would like to thank the supporters who came on the day, including Hardeep, Pala, the evergreen Ranbir and the shere-e-west-london Noddy.

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