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Match Report 14th March 2009

One fine Saturday it was, the sun shining, birds chirping, clear blue skies and boys playing with sticks. The Seconds Clan were determined to wallop the league leaders Marlow 2. The game had already begun when I got there, in fact it was soon half time. Koolwant the ball magician is a joy to watch, it’s like the ball is stuck to his stick, but he had a ‘lame’ excuse after the first 5mins. Well, actually he was injured on his foot. Still, lame excuses are not allowed.

At half time the Koach was spewting forth a verbal tirade of expletives mingled with some encouragement to a team led by the nondescript Indy as captain. Basically he was asking them to tighten their sphincter muscles as a 1-0 lead at half time was to close to call. Word(expletives!) for skills, Koach and Koolwant match as equals. When my 9 year old whispered to me “Koach used s.h.i.t. and ‘f’ word” I told him to ignore it, but when he told me again at the next training I thought, using such words will never improve the other players. Nobody has played better by being told he’s a kuta or punda mulia!! There is absolutely no need for such ‘colorful’ language and this is a Humble Benti to my elder veer Koach to refrain….it doesn’t suit you, mere veer!!

The second half saw promotion export from the 3rds Ditty being brought in to reinforce the ranks. Whether it made a difference or not is debatable but soon our lads had scored again, a brilliant shot to the top of the net from the impeccable Sunny. And claiming his rather unselfish behaviour he passed the ball to Koolwant when he could have scored himself?!?!?! Ki kardha yaan mundeya?? Ofcourse Koolwant wasn’t expecting it and squandered the chance.

But we were on a winning streak and soon after Koolwant gave an answer to his lame excuse, we were 3 nil up, woo hoo!! Lazy Bhagat was told to up his game and control the midfield, which saw the resulting two goals. Pali played well, did alot of running up and down. The college Boy (sorry, don’t know his name) who I saw play for the first time has alot of skills upfront, unfortunately they are not team working skills, I’m sure he gave his heart out though. Pass the ball out quicker next time, dude!!?!

Defense did a good job, our keeper could have gone for a cup of chai during the game and still make no difference. Mango custardered the opposition, whilst Ginger on the right wing cut through the opposition like a butter knife.

Victory was sweet, our lads deserved this. Oh one comment though, we have no cause to create dissent within our different teams, but it’s always helpful if we could help the weaker teams out eg 3rds when we need numbers. There should be more of ” all for one , one for all” team spirit amongst us. We are brothers with a love for the game. Like the player manager/coach/ chief spectator /semi retired Head Honcho once said, it can be rejuvenating for a more experienced player to play in a weaker team so that he can horne out his skills further and boost his own confidence.

Again as Koach always says F&*@@)(£%K…..sorry, apart from that he always reminds the boys to play as they do on tuesdays, with more confidence. I agree with that.

Keep up the good work seconds!!!!

Satnam Singh.

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