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3rd’s Match Report

Yes once again, the sun was shining, birds chirping, blue skies and boys with sticks. After watching, supporting, cheering, boosting and taking pictures of the seconds we moved on to Ashford to face the mighty mittens. Yes, if it was kittens the lions met last week, this time they were mittens, all nice, small, soft and cuddly.

Credit goes to Sharon, farasi yaa muguu mbili anakimbia bila mafuta, who restrained himself in the changing rooms from a repeat of the last times’ scenario. Kudos mate, thanks for holding it back. Papu got a sudden promotion as team manager for the day as he wasn’t playing as Goal keeper. The game started with a heavy discussion on what to name Koolbeer. Unanimously, kondo was chosen, for Sharon thought a hard working donkey would be appropriate. Unfortunately I had to remind him a donkey was Punda Milia and not Kondo!!! Baa to you!!

Bad Boy Manj polished his swahili on the sidelines whilst Montu took the piss, quite literally in the corner. Kama ana angalia chini ana ona mipira zaidi a mbili kwa sababu kila mutu anatupa mpira kwake!!! Mango took to the field like a batak to pani with a grin that said we won 3 nil an hour ago. Thanks Manj and Mango for helping us out.

Koolbeer couldn’t help but let the young mittens run around his legs (thighs)…..feels good eh? And he let them test our GK twice. Now Papu can learn a lesson on how to sprawl on the floor. But I think we had to let them score, c’mon the young boys played their hearts out. And we mauled them at the other end.

Top dog missed a straight hit from a short corner. And he wasn’t the only one. Noddy scored!!!!! Just when you think we’ll be ‘short’ of players he shines like the lights on a table tennis table(?). Normally when a soldier is injured he is sent back but Sharon moved forward to the opponents goal line. I think he faked that injury, chalo, hor bathera kuch kar sakda si!!

JD has now confirmed his pyaar for the ball. Good dribbler, skills and movement, can increase his passing the ball near the d-top. Perhaps he will up his game next week. Surya played well, made some good moves on the right wing, the guys at SAGA can wait!! Montu shone without being told off by top dog. If there’s one thing the 3rds lack is severe use of foul jargon, perhaps the 2nds can learn something. It was almost coming to a head at half time as Punjabis are all the boss at best of times. What Top Dog meant was that in taking risks we can afford to make mistakes in the opponents goal rather than our own. If a goal goes against us, eleven heads have to start working hard to regain that one goal. If we miss a goal, one head can take the flak for it. Work out the maths guys!!!!

All in all, we had a good game, shower and perhaps even a chat. We all agree we play better with a cool head. Our next game is against a side that beckons its position in the table ratings. They are good, but we are more motivated. They will pull all the tricks. We stick to our game…..stick? funny that!
The Reading Uni boys will be unable to raise a team on the 28th March, any chance I could play for the seconds? I’ll even be the water dude, just give me a chance to do some sewa, or 5 mins play Koach?

Let’s meet tomorrow for practice guys!!!

Satnam Singh.

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