23 March 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Match report (3XI)

In the spirit of the recent fuss aka ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ by William Shakespear (or Willy Tingiza-mishale) regarding non acceptance of emails and in fairness to a global equality, here’s the seconds Match report, based on my lack of presence ( done in simplicity and humour Kraptain Indey!!??!)

The game started. It was a hard game. Our boys gave it their all. We scored. Then they scored. Then we scored and they scored. Then they scored. It was half time. We boosted ourselves at half time with lemon and pani. Ok so there was no lemon. Sorry.

The second half started. They played well. We played better. They were good. We are the best. They looked. We scored.

We won, Hurray!!! sorry….hurray.

(on a serious note) Keep it up boys, we need some promotions from you guys!! Well done.

Satnam Singh

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