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Match report

I had a late night call on saturday with some shocking news that kept me awake for a long while. And of course yesterday was avsos of Bhenji Jade Gudi which didn’t improve the weekend much, not to mention the beadbi of the Saroops of Guru Maharaj in Bow on the 16th March. The Angita Sahib agan bhet ceremony was done yesterday in Khalsa School in Chigwell. Hence the delay, sorry guys.

With the support of a vast majority of the Hockey Team I present our weekend hockey report.

The Firsts were playing a rather weaker side than they played the previous weekend and we expected some good results having held MK to a 2-1 only loss before. There was a scare in the early days when the opponents scored from a short corner but this was annulled after the two kalasingha refs consulted each other. Phew!! we thought we had a break.

But soon after they had Ndugu running through a maze in a plain field and our keeper sprawled as if on a weekend in SOHO. Blonkey (?) make some astounding saves, diving from all angles, tackling from positions that would impress Graham Norton. Maki kept pestering the opponents with solid ball-on-the- stick runs. Rajee as usual played his heart out, running up and down the field.

Some very delayed whistles had our lead worker ant Sach in a spot of bother. He questioned rightly so since he had cut through a few opponents when the ref blew. The millenuim dome could have been built in that time!!!! Talking of delays, what’s with smacking the opponents legs long after the whistle has blown, eh Parmi? The showers had an early visitor when the yellow card was dished out. But well played both of you, gave it your best.

Kisumu star Kaptaini Prabbie rolled over like a good border collie expecting biscuits! Only this time he wasn’t doing it willingly, he was pushed over by an opponent. What do these guys get by flooring our boys, yaar??? Prabbie, the final cut eludes you bruv! Polish that and you’ll be sounding the boards like a Vegas Coin Machine. Something to work towards for next season. Ehvi bahane na banayee jaa, tere kol dham te legs vi hegiyaan, ohna nu use kar praaaaaah!!!!

Our third team export Amrit made a brilliant simple solo move just short of scoring from the half line to the D. We have to admit their defense was quite solid. Keep it up lad, you have alot of potential, we haven’t seen your best yet.

One thing I noticed was their keeper voicing orders at his team, sort of controlling their positions, like Colin Powell did sitting in his office during the Gulf War. I believe if our boys had more verbal support on the pitch amongst themselves perhaps they could play more cohesively and better. It is when we do not like being told things that we often discover we were doing the wrong thing in the first place. Look, listen, learn. Why does our keeper have to have nightmares of the sound of the boards every saturday night? There were at least 5 this time round!! What is the rest of the team doing to prevent this? Why are the Simbas not roaring??? We have to question ourselves.

The answers lie within us. There are an incredible number of players with tremendous skills who somehow refuse to let it burst out on match days. C’mon boys we know you can do better, let’s all work towards it as a team.

Bhul chuk maaf,

Satnam Singh.

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