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Repoti ya Machi!

Habari Guys!!!!

After the hassles of the week and emails flying out endlessly what a way to cap it up than a game of Hockey?? Yet again Top Dog managed to scramble a team. Good old faithful right half was scouting in Africa, although someone similar was spotted sitting outside the fence on his car bonnet. Tandeep is a write off this season due to a twisted back….. watching too much ‘strictly come dancing’. Impeccable Sunny was expecting another kind of bundle of joy, not just hockey (any results?) and Manj told the missus he was going to play hockey. Did anyone see him play hockey on saturday??? Well apart from the 5 minutes of prime time that Coach/ Chief Spectator/ Outstanding Player/ Head Honcho gave him and posing for pictures. But he had an excuse…something about poxy kukus???

And without a Jaikara (how could we forget that?!?!?!?) we started our seasons second to last league game. The opponents actually almost match us in the league standings and a win for them would see us swapping positions. We had to give it our all. Just when we thought we were invincible the opponents thundered our boards in the first fifteen minutes.

We had to request the special services ( yes , special as in special needs) of our only spectator who proved that lame excuses are not necessary to perform some moves. He played well despite his …um…well….needs? Lack of training perhaps? Somehow he had some good combination with Farasi ya miguu mbili anakimbia bila mafuta na kunyaamba ovyo ovyo!!! Lakini siku hizi Sharon anapenda kuja mbele kama shindano ya daktari!!!

JD the marathon runner runs out of pitch…..perhaps we need to increase the hockey field size to 127 yards. Amazingly, it’s only when he passes the ball that we score!!! Good running, poor releasing, too much dribbling and too much faking injuries…oyee mundeya, ki kavan tenu??

Nodi played well, good running on the wing, sadly not being spotted earlier by the rest of the midfield and forwards, myself included as a culprit. Sorry yaar!! Wear pink Ndururu, then we’ll spot u! The youngest player on the pitch played excellent. Ran up and down the field, chased opponents, made good passes and even scored!!! Well done young lad, keep it up. Chasing the lassies is no waste of effort after all, it all adds to practise (I do not condone this by the way!!!)

Koolbeer, kondo na macho mbaya anapoteza mpira mara mbili, mjinga!! And before you can say ‘koro…..ga’ (no it’s not karoga, that is punjabi) they have scored again. Damn those Pargat Singh thighs seem only for show then, eh? How could we be two nil down and not do anything about it? At half time pep talk by The Top Mbwa saw the fauji’s going back to battle with a vengeance.

Our good old team mates from seconds allowed us to play Sukhy, thanks khati billi (punjabi) Kraptain!!! And thanks Sukhy. That bolstered our defense. Amrit the atom made dashes with good one two passes with the young kijana and scored. Top Dog with his curved bent stick this time managed to hit the ball sataraight (yes sataraight) into the opponents goal from a short corner. Kini vari utleh kuteh nu keya ke sidi mar, tavi bingi marda rhenda, khenda oneh kadhi sidi jalebi nahi deki.

And talking of jalebi’s, Sharon the farasi yaa miguu mbili anakimbia bila mafuta gave me the ‘offisial permishon tu ndiribo the mpira mpaka kwa D’ lakini Top Dog ana sema anataka nikuje mbele ya opponent kuchukwa mpira. Hiyo ni point sawa sawa.

At this juncture we cannot ignore the level of commitment that some players have to the thirds team, they do not miss training on tuesdays, attend every game on saturday and play with all their vigour. One such player is Papu our invaluable Goal Keeper. In very hard times, when we lacked a keeper, he donned the padded suit and has never looked back, he’s a regular first 11 player now. It takes guts to face the ball coming towards you at high speeds especially in the D. Despite our few losses, and we’ve only lost 4 games, Papu has shown relentless will power to improve his skill and play against stronger opponents, making remarkable and crucial saves against all odds. Bravo mere veer Papu, keep it up. We all back you and are there for you dude!!!

We drew that game despite our valiant effort.

I am made to believe that our next game against Reading Uni has been forfeited by them as they are unable to raise a team. So as part of my sewa, I am willing to don a yellow or red shirt this weekend (he hopes!?!)

Bole so nihal, sat sri akaaaal!!!

Satnam Singh

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