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Match reports

Another beautiful day, apart from some light showers, the birds chirping, blue skies, and lads preparing for Hockey. A great majority of the players arrived early, in time for a chat or tete-a-tete( haanji , ahavi angreji boli yaa!!). In the changing room , Koach gave his speech to an attentive team. And yes, he did mention the usual stuff about the british colonial rulers suppressing the Sikh Panth. I guess Koach does his panthic sewa too in his own way.

Lads from the thirds ( on free hire) apprehensively donned red shirts, a first for some, woo hoo!! Perhaps they just have extra shirts, the seconds??? Koach reminded us to play as a unit if we needed to succeed. Meanwhile I was trying to make peace with Kraptain in the hope of getting 5 minutes of fame, sorry game. We were boosted with the arrival of our reliable Goal Keeper, Raju.

The game started after what seemed like a weeks training packed into 5 minutes.Phew!! What do we warm up to if the body is constantly at 37C??? I wonder!! The opponents looked menacing , however words from our gentle cuddly Bear Bhups were still ringing in our ears- ” check them out for the first ten minutes”. Yeah don’t mistake him for only cuddly, he’s as solid a defender as it gets.

New daddy Sunny couldn’t have been grinning wider as he weaved his magic from our back line to the front. Vadaiya hon mundeya, ladoo ta ley anda?? chalo, next time seyi. Meanwhile it’s an established fact that neither Hardy nor Bhagat have any martial arts skills as they could not hold Bruce Lee at bay, let’s face it, their midfielder was good. And like a married couple they had their random bickering on and off the pitch. More proof that two center halfs make a fool, sorry, full. Yes I know-@ Rita’s. Now if motor mouth Hardy could only stop yelling at the refs we’d all have more time playing the game. C’mon veera, style up yaar!!! Tere muuh vich jaraab pa deni asi, fer muuh bandh rehega!!!

Bad boy Manj made two assists (he claims), scored twice (almost thrice he kept claiming in the changing room) but also played a big role in getting us hammered 5 goals. Yes Manj, kini vari keya ball clear karla, hit nehi lagdi? ehna besharam teetdh, hadh hogi!!! Koolwant played well, given that he had a bad ankle injury and was ‘scared’ of playing for the firsts, as Koach put it, they’d wipe him out in a few minutes at their pace. But I keep telling the lad he is good enough to play for a higher ranked team. Lehkin aaj kaal dhe naw javan munde nehi suunthe bazurgah di gal!!! Scored a goal though, well done son, thanks to a simple pass from, moi.

Ginger bread man Rajveer, jineh maa da dudh pita yaa, was all guns blazing as he scored a rumal trick (No, singhs don’t wear hats!!) Couldn’t fault the young lad. Pali, the farasi of the seconds, gave all khorapower as usual. College dude Amandeep made dashing runs, hustled the opponents and made good passes. Definately a good improvement from last time.

We were on level pegging throughout most of the game. Then Koach introduced JD, the Jalebi Dribbler who has turned a new leaf, he was passing the ball!!!!!!! Amazing, one two dribble and pass. Bahot aache veera!!!

They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but if the old dog has learnt plenty of tricks during his time, he can sometimes unleash them when least expected. Yes, whereas Rajveer scored a rumal trick, I summed it up with a Dhumalla trick, the last one being a penalty take. Greedy Bad Boy Manj was denied that opportunity by our very own sage Bhagat who asked myself to have the honour of taking that penalty. I owe you one bruv!!!

Final score 8-5 to us, woo hoo!!!!

One cannot forget to mention the presence of our keen supporters Top Dog, Farasi ya miguu mbili anakimbia bila mafuta Bwana Sharon, Koroga pargat singh kondo Koolbeer and others. Thank you for being there.

How could I forget Kraptain, who’s going to feel spammed by this email, but anyway, he did a good job as a referee – free and impartial. AnMole, the pani wala, got a dubious injury on the wrist doing….raab jane!!! You could claim from the plumbers y’know….if the sink is too close??? On a serious note, he has shown commitment just by his mere presence, even though he did not play. That speaks alot more than some of us would be willing to accept. In the changing room Kisumu star Captain Prabbie after a loss of 3-1 was telling us how he had a myriad of texts saturday morning of players in the 1st team who couldn’t turn up due to various reasons. The absence of seven key players was definately going to project on the score. But on a positive note, their league table standing is/was still unaffected.

The last game for the season takes place next week. At this juncture it is important to stress that as a club, chances are higher for the seconds to improve their rankings as they are a close third at the moment. The first’s and thirds will most likely remain in the same spot.

Rumour has it that Atom Amrit really shone on the pitch for the firsts. Well done for having the guts to face much stronger players.

To sum it up, it was a good day. Above all, the majority of us had fun. Yes we do fight, bicker, moan and complain, ah yes and gossip too, but our strength lies in behaving as a team and not as seperate entities within the club. We always do better when we get on with it as Coach/Chief Spectator/ Team Manager/ Head Honcho says. Abit more communication between the coaches and captains of all three teams would help to alleviate any misunderstandings amongst ourselves. Key word is More.

I would personaly like to thank all our team/Club members for showing some respect to each other. It’s a grown up thing to do.

Satnam Singh

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