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Final Season Game (3XI)

The usual, sun shining, birds chirping, mums breastfeeding kids and lads out with their sticks. Saturday the 4th of April was our final season game with a very good turnout. Even Fat Boy Slim Tandeep brought his twisty backside out of retirement for a final shout out at the refs…and to play some little hockey. We were given a yellow card by Kraptain before the game begun for drying out our purple shrinking uniform at pitchside. Kini sharam vali gal ya, ke ehna vada club apni team ley Bra size di T shirt dhenda sab playera nu!!! For the first time in ages we had two subs doing………jack poo on the side lines!!!

The best way to lead is by example and so I scored in the first minute. Not blowing trumpets but laying facts. A few minutes later we had done it again courtesy of Bad Boy Manj and his reluctance to let go of the ball earlier…it payed off. On the other end, Man of the Match, Papu made two very crucial saves and commandeered the back lines.
Monty Python, also back from the scouts African nite screamed for Top Dog to pass him the ball. Well, he had every right as he was open most of the times.

On the other hand Noddy who has still not bought those high heels so that he can be spotted nearly lost his cool, demanding the ball everytime he was open. But rather selfishly we all ignored him. Once again Noddy, luminous orange patka ban ke ayee next season!! But then again, he missed two sliding deflections near the goal line. You’d have finished in stylee my dost!!!

Impeccable smiley new daddy Sunny, made excellent incursions into ‘enemy territory’ and gave brilliant passes from midfield. KoolBeer Pargat singh thighs kondo bila mukia was denied a penultimate hit take at the top of the D when our old short-corner Hog Top Dog once again denied him. How selfish yaar??? Even at our last game Top Dog Pumba denies Timone his thunder. Hadh hogi, ehneh short korner lehke rajjeah nehi???

JD, Monu, Jalebi Dribbler went back to his old habits, loving the ball more than the team mates. Having said that, he is the legs of the team as he made quite a few good tackles in our defence. And JD scored our final goal of the season.

Invariably, farasi ya miguu mbili anakimbia bila mafuta Bwana Sharon came forward in a sign of rebellion against Top Dog who had banned him from the front lines being a poor soldier. Lakini, in what can only be described as the goal of the season voted for by a panel consisting of moi, myself and I ( too much haumai(ego), yaar!!) his hit from the side line was deflected past the opponents keeper into the roof of the net. C’mon, while those guys at SAGA wait, Surya complimented our lead of 3-2 at that point. This Old Boy’s heart needs no pace maker yet, he handles the ball, makes a few moves and more importantly passes the ball. These are skills the youth should take on board. Watch and learn guys, some old dogs know quite a few tricks.

The moment of madness hardly ever passes our team every game. No it wasn’t Fat Boy Slim Tandeep raging at the referee for a change by myself after being tripped and pushed by an opponent. This shameful act was frowned upon by Rudolp the Rednose Ranbir Referee who chided me for stooping so low and acting incoherently, trying to walk out of the pitch. He rather factually asked me what kind of example I was setting to the youngsters. I do sincerely apologize to the whole team for behaving in a manner not like a sportsperson. Actually I just wanted to cool off outside and let someone else play since we had two subs.

Kraptain put it perfectly when he described what Top Dog has taught the team not to do-behave like a captain. Captains have their weaknesses too. This certainly wasn’t the finish in style that was desired by Top Dog as he missed a penalty in the final minute, especially not after I had set the example the weekend before, also in the final minute.

All in all we won 4-2 and can claim a second position in the league table. That means a promotion for us thirds. We have had ups and downs, we’ve battled and won, been rattled and lost, yet came out winners in the experience of life.

I would like to wish all the lads good future and look forward to the next season unless the first’s pay good money then I’m all theirs.

Until then I remain at your sewa,

Satnam Singh

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