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Final Season Game (2XI)

Yes, Yes, I know, we’ve come to the end of the season with sad hearts, at least for most of us, as we all looked forward to a tightly fought game each weekend for the last few months. The season had all its ups and downs as we flowed with it. This is my final game report for the 4th of April 2009.

Having had a taste of playing with the seconds and perhaps showing them a trick or two…or three??…I waited beside the phone for that call to come and play for them again. Umm, it might have been an email, I’m not too sure, but the records showed the seconds were dicing with novices (Harrow had never won ANY match this season) whereas the thirds faced a much stronger opponent in the form of Sonning. Had we known beforehand then we’d have paid respect in a minutes silence for the young lad who came to watch our previous match on a stretcher. Sadly he died. And my call never came, nevertheless the soldier battles on.

The game had begun when I got there with “outstanding” player DTY doing what he does best…standing out!!!! In the absence of Motor Mouth Hardy, our sage Bhagat had to do most of the talking whilst handling the midfield. Who says guys cannot do two things at the same time?? Koach had insulated himself well in the April heat of 17C as he kept custody in Goal. Despite Harrow’s reputation, Koach got tested once when they scored a very simple goal. All the spectators cheered for Harrow, yes All of us….Bhagat’s jaw dropped……dude, we were only supporting their skills and admonishing our defence’s weakness by that gesture. C’mon, ek goal naal ki hoya???

AnMole having rested his wrist, functioned like a pro and as usual photographic evidence shows Pali the workhorse running millions of miles in the pitch holding fort. In a game where Cudly Bear Bhups and Koach could have gone for coffee during the game , most spectators would have suffered neck pains due to looking in one direction most/all of the time – In Harrow’s D!!!! Our boys knitted the mittens, rattling the boards every 9 minutes. Even Bloody Koolwant had no excuses this time. Hey, before you condemn me for use of foul language, he was bleeding profusely from the nose after a knock. Hmmm, maybe that’s what Koach was worried about, if he’d played for the first’s he’d probably be worse off?!?!?!?! Nose bleed teek ya!!!less painful then gala from Team Manager/ Head Coach/ Chief Spectator/ Head Honcho, ain’t it???

Gobind played as well as the weather would let him (yeah, heh??). Bad Boy Manj sported mean looks at the opponents, with curvy dribbles and slicy passes. He needs a curry at half time that boy does!! Export Jalebi Dribbler JD aka Monu played under harsh conditions considering Ginger Bread Man Rajveer rebelliously, hardly scored yet dished out harsh tell offs to JD. Koini veera, bol bali di gal hundi yaa, dil nu na lagayee!!! Strangely, both played hard, what’s up with that, guys??

Smart talk from Big Daddy Sukhy at half time calmed the team down. He speaks from experience. And plays hard at the back. Respek Bruv!! And yes, retirement by JD meant DTY could play a full half time game. Woo Hoo DTY!! Something to write home about ,eh??

At the end of the game we had won 8-something although we could have easily scored more. But in all fairness, it was simply a day to enjoy ourselves in the good sunshine, win or lose. Well done lads!!!

Kudos to Kraptain too, who showed fairness in his refereeing and not only that, he sets an example by taking his time to be a ref and not play instead. I’m sure not many of us could do that. I certainly would prefer to play than to ref. Thanks again Kraptian!!


Satnam Singh

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