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Sunbury 1 – Ramgarhia 2

Ramgarhia 1st XI travelled to Sunbury for the first game of the second part of the season.

This was a tough match, not only because the previous weeks fixture and training was called off due to the bad weather but everyone still had bags of undigested Christmas dinner they needed to burn off – and quick!

12 players travelled to Sunbury for this vital match – 2′nds and 3′rds we’re missing players – we did our best to accommodate them. We needed the push for the rest of the season and everyone looked dry at the previous training session – everyone had a lot to prove and lose (especially around the waist!!).

Manj and Tan we’re the first to arrive at the changing rooms with their kit handlers (Amar and Akal) – they we’re eagerly awaiting for everyone to turn up late so they could go into ‘Plaha Mode’ (M* Ch**d, B**n Ch**d!) – which can also easily be mistaken for ‘Dhamu Disposition’. Everyone turned up and the mode was set. It was good to see Bahader back in the side after missing the first part of the season with injury – his contribution will be vital if we are to progress and we also needed someone new to take the piss out off – there’s only so much you can say about Tan and Jassai!!

The game started with quick attacks from both sides and the Sunbury boys made sure we felt their physical presence – it wasn’t going to be easy. Sach, Prabbie and Bahadur really began to get into the thick of it – our centre half was no where to be seen for the first 10 minutes…you wouldn’t have known we had a Soor in the side!

Suddenly Sach, who was arguing consistently with the umpires, twisted his ankle, not because he was putting in some strong tackles, not because he was dribbling past players like Dian Chand, and not because he was the main feeder to our forwards – no he was just running gently like a lady and twisted on his pigeon foot! What a plonker!

But…wait…’is it a bird’…’is it a plane’…’no it’s Super Manj!’. Who came to the rescue to fill in his pigeon styled feet – determined not to do a ‘Rodney’ but to carry on the tradition to also argue with the umpires throughout the duration of the game.

OK – enough…..here’s the short of it…..

Makhi – looked threatening – dislocated his finger – Parmi came to the rescue as Manj wept!

Close game and Sunbury physical.

Raje – got a whack for being in the right time and right place.

No score in second half.

Tan and Gurm made some vital tackles – Jassa made a nuisance of himself….dribbling and taking on the same player twice!

Prabbie made some daring moves but just couldn’t find the finishing touch – the christmas turkey was still running inside him

Scored early second (bahadur) half and looked dominant going forward – but frail at the back.

We had some good moves but Sunbury too came back with moves that we just managed to keep out.

Sunbury scored as Jassa gave the ball away just in our half and we got punished big time!

Parmi was reassuring as the gala meister!

Gurj made some brilliant save (Man of the match) – made a save whilst getting up.

Sati scored the winner with 15 minutes to go and we held out.

Well deserved carved out result!!!

Match Stats
Date played: 23rd Jan 2010
Venue: Away
Man of the Match: Gurj

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